Retail Point of Sale Systems
1.)       “We already had an older POS System. We decided to go with PAR and PixelPoint. The savings through increased efficiency have been enormous!”
--- Partner/Proprietor - Casual Dining Restaurant ---

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2.)       “I have been in the Restaurant Business for over 40 years. I don’t know how we ever lived without our PixelPoint system.”
--- Owner/Manager - Fine Dining Restaurant ---

Basic Retail POS System
3.)      “Our main cost savings have come from the ability to generate detailed reports with our Microsoft Dynamics RMS system. We can generate these reports on demand! In the past, it took me hours to provide a report for a particular government agency. Now I have it in seconds! If you take a conservative guess of a manager's time, reports that took two hours to generate, now take seconds. I have seen a cost saving of at least $300 per week. Furthermore, I can focus on what we do best in running our retail business."
--- Manager - Retail Wine and Liquor store ---

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